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Equipment item recommendations are identified as either Essential (E) or Desirable (D)

Advanced Life Support Recommen-
Basic Life Support Recommen-


E E Non-rebreather oxygen mask with reservoir - infant, child, and adult
E E Oral airways, sizes 0-5
E E Nasopharyngeal Airways with lubricant, sizes 12-30F
E E Bag-valve-mask unit 500cc with reservoir
E E Clear face masks in neonate, infant, child, and adult sizes
E E Suction catheters- 6,8,10,12, and 14 Fr.
D D Stethescope - Pediatric size
E* - Doppler (*for SEMSV only)
E E Blood Pressure cuffs: infant/child/adult
E E Pediatric sized backboard
E E Child/Infant Car Seat
E E C-spine immobilization device
E E Rigid extrication collars, infant - adult
E E Pediatric sized limb splints
E E Femur Traction Splint (Hare or Sager) designed for pediatric patient
E E Warming device/thermal blanket and head cover
E D Equipment/Drug dosage sizing tape or equipment/drug age/weight chart
E E Pediatric Trauma Score Reference
E E Poison Control Resource Phone Number
D D Pacifiers
E E Plastic baby bottle with nipple for glucose feeding


Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulances Only



E Transport Monitor - Battery operated with 3-4 lead wires
E Defibrillator with 4.25 and 8cm paddles (or adaptors). Settings should allow for dial down to pediatric specific w/s dosages
E Monitoring electrodes - peds/adult
E Laryngoscope Handle, with extra batteries and bulbs
E Laryngoscope blades, straight/curved - sizes 0,1,2,3
E Sytlettes - peds/adult
E Endotracheal Tubes - sizes: uncuffed: 3.0-5.5, cuffed: 5.0-8.0
D Pulse Oximeter with pediatric sensor
D End Tidal CO2 Detector (disposable)
E Magill Foreceps - pediatric sized
E Lubrication (water soluble)
E Nasogastric Tubes - sizes 5-18F
E Glucose monitoring strip or glucometer
D IV Infusion Pump
E IV Catheters - sizes 24-16g
E Intraosseous Needles - 16 and 18g
E Tourniquet/rubber bands
E 3-way stopcock or adaptor that allows administration of additional fluids or medications
E Syringes - various sizes
D Blood collection tubes
E IV Tubing micro and macrodrip
E Buretrol
E TB Syringes
E .9 Normal Saline or Lactated Ringers for intravenous infusion
E Sodium Chloride - bacteriostatic for injection
E Water - bacteriostatic for injection
E Activated charcoal
E Adenosine
E Atropine sulfate
E Sodium bicarbonate - 8.4% (1.0 mEq/mL)
E Benzodiazepine (of choice)
E Epinephrine - 1:1000 (1mg/mL)
E Epinephrine - 1:10,000 (.1mg/kg)
D Racemic epinephrine
E Lidocaine - (10mg/mL)
E Naloxone - (1.0mg/mL)
E Flumazenil
E Pain medication per medical control
E 50% dextrose in water
E 25% dextrose in water
E Inhalent beta adrenergic agent of choice
E Nebulizer



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