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Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement (QI) is a systematic approach, using tested methods and tools, to enhance the overall quality of a product or service.  Illinois EMSC is committed to improving the quality of care within the pediatric emergency and critical care system.  All of us must work together to develop effective strategies for delivering high quality service to the pediatric population that we serve within our EMS/EMSC system.

Illinois EMSC has assisted with the development of pediatric quality improvement committees within each of the eleven EMS regions to enhance prehospital and emergency department quality improvement activities.  The goal of this webpage is to provide you with proven QI methods and resources to ensure your QI initiatives are worthwhile and meaningful.  Included in this page are template data collection tools and examples of quality improvement successes within our state.

QI 101
Learn the basics of the QI process, key methods, tools and techniques that you can utilize in your QI projects.

New Pediatric Quality Coordinator
If you are new to the role of Pediatric Quality Coordinator (PQC), click here for valuable resources, contact information and frequently asked questions.

Regional Activities
Go to the EMS regional map where you can access region - specific information.

QI Manual
The QI manual refers to the "big, blue binder" that all recognized hospitals originally received.  The QI manual offers practical information and resources for the Pediatric Quality Coordinator including: the role and responsibilities of a PQC, sample monitor templates and rapid cycle quality improvement techniques.

Regional Meeting Calendar (60K)
This link provides you with a calendar outlining the Pediatric Quality Coordinator committee meetings for each region.

Regional QI Data Reporting Worksheet (3.6M)
This worksheet allows for data entry for individual hospitals and produces peer-comparison reports.  You can download and adapt this excel spreadsheet to your own region's QI project specifications.  Follow the instructions on the first tab to use this worksheet.

Data Collection Tool Examples
This link provides template data collection tools for a variety of clinical issues including: interfacility transfers, deaths, resuscitations, pain management, respiratory distress, and administration of antipyretics.  You can download and adapt these documents to fit your own QI project specifications.

EMSC Shared Resources
Find links to handouts, announcements, and other EMSC - related information that has been distributed by the Illinois EMSC office.

EMSC QI Success Stories
Each regional QI committee identifies quality indicators of local interest and defines a related record review tool.  The QI committee members then perform reviews of cases at their own facility for comparison to their peer facilities.  Since 2001, these regional indicators have shown a number of improvements, summarized as regional QI success stories.



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