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The 2004 Illinois Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) Annual Report profiles childhood illness and injury trends in each of the eleven EMS regions throughout the state.  It also serves as a baseline for future measures regarding the effectiveness of pediatric emergency care. The report format consists of two sections:

q  Section I.  Introduction introduces the report, describes the databases used, and presents statewide findings regarding measures associated with the facility recognition program, pre-hospital care, motor vehicle crash incidents, and mortality in children.

q  Section II. Regional Report compares EMS regional to statewide data for hospitalized inpatients, injuries, and asthma hospitalization.  Please note that the material for Section II differs for each EMS region, i.e. the report for EMS Region 1 contains the same section I as for every other region; however, section II contains only data specific to Region 1 that is then compared with statewide data.  In this way we created eleven regional reports.

To access a regional report, click on either the  MS Word Version  or  icon to select the version of choice.

To find which region a hospital is located in, click  here to see the HOSPITAL INDEX by region.

Region 1 (579K) MS Word Version (934K)
Region 2 (576K) MS Word Version (927K)
Region 3 (578K) MS Word Version (933K)
Region 4 (578K) MS Word Version (934K)
Region 5 (573K) MS Word Version (923K)
Region 6 (579K) MS Word Version (933K)
Region 7 (588K) MS Word Version (940K)
Region 8 (589K) MS Word Version (940K)
Region 9 (588K) MS Word Version (940K)
Region 10 (588K) MS Word Version (939K)
Region 11 (577K) MS Word Version (927K)


Illinois Department of Public Health Emergency Medical Services Regions

Click anywhere on this regional map to enlarge the size.



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