Goal of the CMCC

The goal of the CMCC is to study the relationship among animals, people and the environment: how animals and people each affect the ecosystem and how changes in the ecosystem affect the health of all species.

Attaining That Goal

Through Research

  • Researchers examine how new diseases emerge and why diseases affect some species and not others. They also look at how humans are changing the environment and which changes affect human health and the survival of animal species.
  • Researchers may use their newfound knowledge to develop treatment methods for humans, when possible.
  • Biologists and medical professionals help track the species-to-species movement of viruses and other disease-bearing pathogens.

Through Education

  • The Center offers programs for undergraduates, graduate students, residents and fellows which emphasize training for academic, research and conservation careers.
  • The CMCC also seeks to health professionals and the public in changing the thinking about emerging diseases.
"From an education standpoint, the Center is an effective tool to reach some of the people we haven't reached in the past about conservation. Some people may not care about pandas or the number of trees in some far western state, but they do care about their health and their children's health."

- Thomas Meehan, DVM, Brookfield Zoo

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