Special Topics in Conservation Medicine is a cooperative multidisciplinary course presented by The Conservation Medicine Center of Chicago. Since its inception in 2002, the course has been very well received. The course is videoconferenced to/from Loyola University Medical Center, Brookfield Zoo, The University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, and Loyola's Lakeside Campus.

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Dr. Mark Mitchell (UI)

Travels and Tribulations of a Wildlife Epidemiologist

February 8

Dr. Thomas Meehan (BZ)

Zoo Veterinarian’s Perspective on Ecosystem Health

February 15

Dr. Karen Terio
(UI-Zoo Path)

Pathology in Conservation: Beyond the Microscope

February 22

Dr. Santymire (LPZ)

The Endocrinologist’s Role in Ecosystem Health

March 1

Dr. Val Beasley (UI)

Damaged Ecosystems and the Problem of Frogs!

March 8

Ms. Michele Parsons (EU)


March 15

Dr. Tony Goldberg (UW-M)

Human-primate Interaction and the Origins of HIV/AIDS

March 29

Dr. Jack Herrmann (UI)

One Medicine, One Health: we're all in this together

April 5

Drs. Jack Herrmann and Yvette Johnson (UI)

One Health/One Medicine

March 30

Dr. Tom Gillespie (UI)

The Role of Land-Use Change & Human-Wildlife Linkages in Disease Emergence & Ecosystem Health

April 6



April 12


Dr. Jen Langan (BZ/UI)

A Comprehensive Health Assessment of the Humboldt Penguin (Spheniscus humboldti) Population at Punta San Juan, Peru

April 20


[Student Presentations]

April 19


[Student Presentations]

April 26

Dr. Val Beasley (UI)
Conservation and Ecosystem Health II: Solutions
May 3

*Speaker affiliation Key
UI = University of Illinois; UW-M = University of Wisconsin-Madison; EU = Emory University; BZ = Brookfield Zoo; LPZ = Lincoln Park Zoo